Probate, Estate and Trust Administration

At Prevost, Shaff, Mason & Carns, PLLC, we represent estates, executors, administrators and trustees throughout the probate, estate and trust administration process.  Trustees and executors are charged with significant and substantial duties and responsibilities that if not executed properly could result in personal liability for the executor, administrator or trustee and/or a reduction in the estate or trust’s value.

When our clients take on these roles as estate representatives and trust fiduciaries, we provide knowledgeable and responsive assistance in the process of estate and trust administration.   We help guide our clients through the intricate requirements of federal and state tax compliance, as well as accounting and closure in accordance with state law.  We also provide representation of executors and administrators, who are administering decedent’s estates related to personal injury, wrongful death or class action suits and to guardians of minors’ estates.

If you would like to discuss probate, estate or trust administration, we would encourage you to call or e-mail us to make an appointment.